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Activities on Ilha Grande

The Ilha Grande is covered by native vegetation of the Atlantic Forest and surrounded by hundreds of beaches and two environmental conservation areas. The Village of Abraão, where the Inn Riacho dos Cambucás is located, is the largest and most structured village on the Island. Here are most of the restaurants and tour and travel agencies.

The visitor has several options of activities: hiking by trails, boat trips, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, surfing, fishing, biking, abseiling, ruins that tell the story of Ilha Grande. We have highlighted the most visited below:

Boat Trips

:: Meia Volta a Ilha (Half round) :: Lagoa Vrede - Lagoa Azul - Saco do Céu - Praia de Fora - Praia do Amor

Boat trip on the beaches facing the mainland. The navigation is made by calm waters and the stops are in points suitable for the practice of snorkeling. The famous Blue Lagoon and Green Lagoon are visited, with their coral reefs and colorful fish concentration and with luck you can see even sea turtles. The tour stops at Saco do Céu, a bay known for the presence of starfish and reflecting the stars on calm nights. Other surprises are made, varying according to the agency.

:: Super Sul :: Caxadaço - Lopes Mendes - Dois Rios - Ilha de Jorge Grego

The Super Sul tour visits some of the most beautiful beaches on the Island and harder to reach by locating in the open sea. Pass by the beach of Lopes Mendes, considered the most beautiful of the Island and second placed in the ranking of TripAdvisor among the most beautiful beaches in Brazil. Following the beach of Caxadaço, a small bay of transparent waters and with presence of fish near the corals. Then visit the Dois Rios (Two Rivers) Beach, a place that housed the prison until the 90's, now transformed into a museum. The beach, takes this name to receive at each end the drain of a river. Finally, the tour stops at Jorge Grego Island, a great spot for snorkeling.

:: Volta a Ilha (around the Island) :: Caxadaço - Parnacioca - Aventureiro - Meros - Maguariquessaba

This tour, as the name says, goes around on Island. Visit some of the most beautiful beaches, such as Caxadaço, Parnaioca and the famous Aventureiro. Then it stops at Meros beach and at Lagoa Verde. It is the longest tour with around 8hs of duration and goes only in days of calm sea and favorable conditions of navigation.

:: Ilhas Paradisíacas :: Ilhas Botinhas - Ilha Cataguases - Praia do Dentista - Praia da Piedade

With this itinerary you will visit some of the islets closest to the municipality of Angra dos Reis, all of them with beaches of transparent water and white sand. They are also good points for snorkeling. Are the stops: Cataguas Island, Botinas Islands, Gipóia Island, Dentist's Beach, Praia da Piedade and a surprise beach.

:: Lopes Mendes Beach :: Stop at Praia do Pouso with a 25 min walk to Lopes Mendes

To visit the most beautiful beach on the Island, you can take a boat or a taxi boat to Pouso beach. From there, you walk along a rather steep but low difficulty trail, 25 minutes to the beach of Lopes Mendes. There are several times to go and you will enjoy the beach where there are no buildings, only the contact of man with nature. You can also visit the charming little beach of Santo Antonio, which is just very close.


:: Praia Preta (Black Beach) e Aqueduto ::

Praia Preta and Aqueduto is just a 15-minute walk from the Inn. Walking along Abraão beach to your left, you will enter the Ilha Grande State Park Area, where you will find a signpost that leads to Praia Preta. Following by the circuit, you can also visit the ruins of the Lazareto, the Aqueduct, and the Potion, a small freshwater well where you can bathe. There are also the viewpoints of the Aqueduct and the Black Beach with panoramic views of the beach and surrounding mountains.

:: Abraãozinho ::

The walk to Abraãozinho passes through all the beaches on the right side of Vila do Abraão. Walking to the end of the beach and taking the small trail that begins just at the end of the beach, you will pass the beaches of Júlia, Bica, Estreita, Crena and then you will reach Abraãozinho.

:: Dois Rios ::

To get to Dois Rios by foot you will use the dirt road to the village of Dois Rios. The walk takes about two and a half hours and is a long climb, followed by a long descent. Along the way you will see part of the Fauna and Flora present at the Ilha Grande State Park, among them the Bugio monkeys, a species that emits a very loud sound that is heard along the walk.

:: Pico do Papagaio ::

This is the second highest point on the Island and the most difficult walk to take place. There are more than 900 meters of altitude to be covered in three hours on a very steep path, being practically an escalation in certain points. The trail up there is rough and it is recommended to hire a local guide to drive the tourists to the peak, especially at night. Some visitors like to go up at dawn to watch the sun rising from above. The view is panoramic from almost the entire island and from parts of the continent.


Ilha Grande is a great place to practice diving. Be free with snorkel on the corals where colorful fish and sea turtles live, or the autonomous with cylinder in shipwrecks. There on the Island offer diving courses at all levels and diving baptism, one for those who have never practiced and want to have the feeling of using the equipment and breathing underwater. Among the main dive sites are the Island of Jorge Grego and the Shipwreck of the Pinguino Ship and the Helicopter.


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