Travel tips

  • Prepare to come to a rustic place, where the cell phone and internet signal does not catch very well, and sometimes lack of energy and the hostel could work with the power of a generator. Some of the luxuries of the big city does not exist .
  • Most trails are not well signposted, some busier than the other, but we always recommend hiring a guide, especially to the Pico do Papagaio trail. In March 2017, we had a tourist lost in the woods for 4 days.
  • Bring cash because on the island there are no ATMs or banks. All commerce generally accepts credit cards.
  • In busy times, such as the months of December and January and holidays, book your boat trips one day in advance. On sunny days, vacancies can be exhausted quickly.
  • Please bring hiking shoes to Ilha Grande. There are many trails for some of the island's best beaches.
  • Think please on repellents and do not forget to use them. The Island is covered with native Atlantic Forest and the mosquitoes proliferation here is very high. In summer there are cases of insect-borne disease.
  • Cars are not allowed on the Island, so there are no taxis. For those who come by car, it is parked on the mainland.
  • On the pier of your arrival there will be some suitcases services, which can bring baggage to the inn.


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