How to get to Village of Abraão on Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is the largest of the 365 islands in the Bay of Ilha Grande. It is located on the coast of the State of Rio de Janeiro about 160 km from the capital and belongs to the Municipality of Angra dos Reis.

There are three main departure points from the mainland to Ilha Grande: 1. Angra dos Reis, 2. Conceição de Jacareí and 3. Mangaratiba. Coming from Rio de Janeiro by Rodoviária Novo Rio you should take the bus from the company Costa Verde towards Angra dos Reis. The trip takes an average of 3 hours to the bus station. For Mangaratiba or Conceição de Jacareí the same trip lasts considerably less. In Angra a taxi takes you to the Cais da Lapa (pier of the boat) or pier Santa Luzia. The crossing to Abraão, the capital of Ilha Grande, with the boat lasts about 1h30 and flex boat 30min. Coming from São Paulo, the trip to Angra dos Reis takes about 6 hours by car and 7 hours by bus company Reunidas.

NOTICE: Anyone who comes from São Paulo using GPS does not come down the Cunha road due to poor conditions. We indicate the coastal road (by Ubatuba) or via Dutra. Other tips on how to get us ask us by e-mail.

Mangaratiba is the closest point to Rio de Janeiro, but it has fewer timetables. On the boat the trip takes about 1h30.

Conceição de Jacareí is located between Mangaratiba and Angra dos Reis, and is the closest point to Abraão Village and therefore the fastest trip. In fast boats the crossing lasts 15 minutes, and on schooner about 50 minutes taking schedules throughout the day.

Angra dos Reis is the closest point of São Paulo and Paraty. There is also a good offer of schedules and types of boat to Abraão Village. On fast boats it takes 30 minutes to arrive. In the schooner the trip is of 1h30.

From Paraty to Ilha Grande you take a bus to Angra and take a boat trip.

Tip 1: Some fast boat operators sell pre-paid tickets on their websites.

Tip 2: As each agency has a different time of crossing, do not buy round trips. By buying the back separately, you have more time options for your return.

How to get to the Inn Riacho dos Cambucás at Abaraão Village


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