Fauna and Flora at the Inn

The owner and landscaper, Marcelo Crokidakis made a point of preserving all the existing trees in the environment: Jaboticabeiras, Jaqueiras and especially the Cambucás (that give the name to the inn). In addition to introducing other native ornamental plants, he created a habitat in perfect harmony of man and nature giving us the feeling of being in full contact with the Atlantic Forest. For having a garden where the green prevails, one can easily appreciate a little of the local fauna: many butterflies, squirrels, hedgehogs and various species of birds - parrots, brazilian tanagers, Hummingbirds, Woodpeckers, Blue manakins, Great kiskadees, Thraupis, tropical Mockingbirds, Necked wood rails, etc. It is also usual to hear the sound coming from the woods, the famous monkey Bugio.


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